Provo Ultimate Frisbee

This site is dedicated to the wonderful sport of Ultimate in Provo Utah. This site is here to help people come together and get games going. I try to organize a game or two throughout the week but I know I am not the only one who loves to play. If you organize or are aware of any pickup games, even last minute games, let us know so we can spread the word. Party on!

Special Events and Items of Note

Orem Ultimate Season starts soon! Here is a link to the Orem City Ultimate Frisbee League Facebook page and here is their website to sign up.

We now have a Twitter! That's right, we tweet now (or at least we want to). Our handle is @ProvoUltimate. Follow us to hear about those spontaneous pickup games and be reminded about our regular games.

We Are Ultimate

Ultimate is an amazing sport that anyone can play. Your skill level is not important when you hit the field, just that you are a good sport and play to have fun. There is a fair bit of technique and skill that can be acquired over time that will improve your game. Come play Ultimate Frisbee.

Hello! My name is Paul Sharp and I love Ultimate. I try to play it as often as possible and I enjoy sharing my love of the game with everyone that I meet. I am not the best player on the field by any means but I have heart. Come, join in on a game!

Ultimate Frisbee

Calendar of Games

Here is a Google calendar with the games that I am currently aware of. I could use some help updating this calendar with the games in the area. Please feel free to contact me with any game you would like to have posted to the site. Thank you.

Contact Me - Facebook

You can email me or find me on Facebook. Here is a link to our Facebook Group! My Google Voice number is 385-209-1505 (and yes, you can text me).

If you would like to stay updated on games please join the Facebook group. I also text people when I hear of a game; just let me know if you want to be on that list.